Inter-Country Road Transport Facilitation

Sep 2016

International Trade in Transport Services


• Institutional Pathways to Promote Efficiency in Logistics: The Case of India
• Logistics Services in the WTO and Bilateral Agreements: The Case of India
• Supporting Rail Projects Worldwide
• Opportunities and constraints for investment in the Indian logistics sector
• Connecting India to Global Value-Chains: The Role of Logistics Services
• The Promise of Dry Ports for Regional Development and Integration

Jan 2016

Fuel Efficiency of Road Transport


• Tame Fuel Guzzling
• The EU's Strategy for Reducing Emissions and Oil Dependency in Transport
• US Fuel Efficiency Standards: History, Benefits and Implications for India
• In Quest for Fuel Economy and Efficiency Standards
• Analysis of Differences in Light Vehicle Fuel Economy across Nine Countries and Their Policy Implications
• Global Impact of Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards
• Life Cycle Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions of Different Transport Systems in India
• Recommendations

Sep 2014

Water IV - Water Supply, Sanitation and Waste Water Treatment


• The Water-Waste Connection
• Toilet for All is Not the End of the Problem: Countries in South Asia Need to Think Beyond Toilet Construction
• Determinants and Motivational Factors for Adoption of Improved Latrines: Findings of a Study from Rural Andhra Pradesh, India
• Implications of Ending Manual Scavenging in India
• Creating an Economic Value for Wastewater through Industrial and Agricultural Reuse
• Experience of Wastewater Treatment Technologies: A Case Study of Vapi Waste and Effluent Management Co. Ltd.
• Strategies for Sustainable Hydrocarbon Processing
• Debating the National Water Framework Law

Feb 2014

Water III - Water Supply, Sanitation and Waste Water Treatment


• Cooperation in the Development and Management of South Asian River Basins
• Issues and Policies Related to Water Resource Management of South Asia
• Indus Water Treaty: Problems of Perception
• Beyond South Asian Geopolitics: The Everyday Forms of State Ineffectiveness
• in Water Cooperation
• Proposed Union Water Laws: Need to Rethink the Premises

Sep 2013

Rail Terminal Facilities


• Infrastructural Challenges for India’s Future Economic Growth: Hopes from Railwayss
• Terminals on Indian Railwayss
• Port Based Rail Freight Terminal Development – Design and Operational Featuress
• New Management Model for Railway Freight Terminalss
• Bulk Freight Terminals on Indian Railways: Evolution and Optionss
• Freight Terminal Development Sine Qua Non of Logistics Developments
• Multimodal Hubs for Steel Transportation and Logisticss
• CASE STUDY : Jawaharlal Nehru Port: Terminal and Transit Infrastructures

Apr 2009

Public Private Partnerships in Railways


• Public-Private Partnerships in Indian Railways
• Port Connectivity Project Structures
• Investment Framework for Railway Projects

• Pipavav Railway
• Kutch Railway
• PPP Initiatives in Multimodal Transport
• Rail-Side Warehousing Facilities
• Private Participation in Container Train Operations
• Hyderabad Metro Rail Project
• Development of Railway Stations through PPP

Apr 2008

High Speed Rail


• Recent Performance of India's Economy: Does it Herald Growth of Mobility?
• A Case of High Speed Trains in India
• Developing and Evaluating a High Speed Rail Project
• High Speed Rail : Success Factors and Lessons for India
• Socio-Economic and Financial Aspects of High Speed Rail Services in France
• Relevance of High Speed Rail Transportation in India
• High Speed Rail Systems Worldwide : An Overview
• High Speed Trains in India

Sep 2007

Heavy Haul Operations in Railways


• Dedicated Freight Corridors on Indian Railways Track and Bridge Structures
• Wheel and Rail Performance
• Technological Advancements in Rolling Stock Performance Monitoring and Maintenance
• The Use of Automation and Technology in Improving Maintenance Practices in a Heavy Haul Railroad
• Research Priorities for Freight Railroads in North America
• Track Construction and Maintenance Machines and Technology for Heavy Haul Lines
• Quadrupling Heavy Haul Capacity by Using Distributed Power

Jul 2006

Access, Transport and Poverty Linkages


• The Role of Transport Development in Achieving the Millennium Development Goals
• Transport Investment, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
• Access, Rural Transport and Poverty Reduction
• Socio-economic Impact of National Highway on Rural Population Living in its Proximity
• Measuring Impacts of Transportation Intervention on Regional Development: Comparative Assessment of Upper and Lower Level Analysis
• A Socio-historical approach to Transport in Greater Mekong Sub-Region

Aug 2005

Traffic Calming


• Philosophy of Traffic Calming
• Institutionalising Traffic Calming in the United States
• Traffic Calming Measures on National and State Highways: Indian Case Studies
• Safer Roads by Applying the Concept of Sustainable Safety
• Role of Traffic Calming and Speed Reduction in Road Safety
• Driver’s Perception of Traffic Signs: A Case Study in Poland
• Traffic Calming Measures on National and State Highways: Passing through Town and Villages
• Experiences of East African Cities in Traffic Calming
• Guidelines for Pedestrians and Cyclists in African Cities

Jul 2004

Pension Perspectives


• Social Security Reform: A Cross-country Review
• China’s Pension System and Constraints on Reform
• Systematic Pension Reforms in Latin America
• Pensions, Consumer Financial Literacy and Public Education: Lesson from the United Kingdom
• Provident Fund and Pension System in India

Mar 2003

Issues in Central Asia


• Central Asia: An Overview
• Transport and Communication Infrastructure in Central Asia
• Energy Resources and Industries in Central Asia
• Industrial Development in Central Asia since 1991
• Drugs and Small Arms: Its Impact on Regional Security in Central Asia
• Book Review: India Infrastructure Report 2002

Jun 2002

Urban Transport


• Urban Transport Policy and the Environment
• Urbanisation in India: Past Trends and Future Projections
• Urban Bus Transport in Brazil : Regulations and Competition
• Urban Transportation in Developing Asian Cities : Some Important Issues in Sustainable Development
• Traffic Safety and Health in Indian Cities

Feb 2002

Convergence in Information Technology


• Technology and Convergence: An Overview
• Convergence and Institutions of Governance
• Aspects of Regulation
• Convergence and Emerging lifestyle Changes: A Dissection of Popular Images
• Communication Convergence Bill: Some Comments
• Appendix: Draft Communication Convergence Bill

Aug 2001



• Regulatory Independence in Indian Context
• A Super Regulator for Financial Services?
• Regulation in the Insurance Sector
• Regulation of Aviation Services
• Regulating Natural Monopolies
• Regulation in Urban Public Transport
• Regulation of Broadcast Media

Apr 2001

Water - II


• From Food Security to Water Security
• Management of International River Basins
• Irrigation in China
• Dr. A. Vaidyanathan
• Ground Water Recharge : Option for Ground Water Management
• Water Management : Some Issues
• Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in India : Need for a New Approach
• Water and Agriculture
• Water Pollution : Need for a Paradigm Shift
• Regional Water Transfer and Human Rights: Some Reflections on Sardar Sarovar Project
• China Water Vision in the First Quarter of Twenty first Century

Dec 2000

Water - I


• Challenge of Managing World’s Water Resources
• The Monsoon : India’s Source of Water
• Drought? Try Capturing the Rain
• India’s Water Future : Development of Internationally Shared River Systems
• Water : Transforming Laws and Institutions
• Should India Develop Formal Water Markets?
• Development of Water Resources in Israel

Sep 2000

Indian Trucking


• Phenomenal Growth : Skewed Structure
• Trucking Finance : High Risk, Low Reward
• Burden of Taxes : Need for Reform
• Technology Change : Slow and Unsteady
• Regulatory Regime : Negative Externalities
• Short Term Benefits : Long Term Costs
• Inter-country Facilitation : Productivity Optimisation
• The Indian Trucker and His Travails
• Statistical Profile
• Critique : Entering the 21st Century : World Development Report 1999-2000

Jun 2000



• World Rail Corridors
• The State in Infrastructure Development
• Cycle Rickshaws: Their Past, Present and Future
• Pricing of Electric Power for Various Economic Sectors
• Energy-Transport Nexus: Strategy Towards Sustainability
• Research and Standardisation of Rail and Road Bridges
• Development of National Highways in India: Planning and Programme
• Books and Treaties, Reports and Records

Mar 2000



• Sustainable Development and the Indian Perspective
• Entering into the Twentyfirst Century
• Planning and Development in India
• Growth and Change in Indian Economy
• The Economy, Transportation and Globalisation in the Indian Context
• Infrastructure Development: Policy Lessons of an III-spent Decade
• Supply Chain Management : The Imperative Evolution

Dec 1999



• National Transport Firmament of Sri Lanka
• Multimodal Transport and Regional Integration in Asia
• Rail and Road Construction and Restoration of Ecological Balance
• Issues Relevant to Growth, Energy and Environment for the Developing Countries
• Electric Power and Petroleum Sector in India
• An Energy Supply Programme for India
• Reforms in the Power Sector in India and Road Ahead
• Restructuring the Power Sector in India : State Level Initiative
• Environmental Impact of Infrastructural Development
• Energy-Environment Issues in the Developing Countries : Prioritizing Research and Innovation
• Nuclear Power : An Environmentally Benign Option
• High Dams: A Techno-Environmental Study
• Big Dams: Displacement and Rehabilitation
• Environmental Impact of Mining in Himalayan Region

Jun 1999



• The Two Gateways: Mumbai and Jawaharlal Nehru Ports
• Construction and Improvement of Ports and Harbours: RITES Consultancy
• Planning and Enhancement of Calcutta Metro
• Mass Rapid Transit System for Delhi Metropolis
• Economic Reform in India: A Retrospective View
• Third World Optsfor Economic Planning as a Mechanism of Growth
• Financing Metro Rails and Metropolitan Commuter Networks
• Leasing: A Financing Alternative for Economic Development
• Centurion Growth Strategy for Indian Railway: A View in Perspective
• Perspective of Modernisation of Road Development in India
• Electronics and Information Technology: An Imperative of Logistics War-game
• Automobiles and Environmental Sustainability : Issues and Options for Developing Countries
• Growth and Equity : Humanising Development Economics
• Development in Eurasia : India also can Help

Dec 1998



• Asian Transport Linkages and State and Institutional Involvement
• Deregulation in Energy Sector : Indian Experience and Perspective
• Whatever is Happening to Infrastructure Development in India ?
• Bus Transport : A Study in Historical Perspective
• Development of Steel Sector in India : Transportation and Other Infrastructural Issues
• Konkan Railway : New Frontier in Funding, Technology and Management
• Role of Private Sector in Civil Aviation : The Indian Experience
• Inland Water Transport in India : Issues and Prospects
• Future Directions in Road Sector in India : Economics and Technology
• Growth Issues for Indian Infrastructure : Project Planning and Resource Mobilisation
• The Logic and the Place of Non-motorised Transport
• Private Infrastructure Projects : Development and Financing
• An Overview of Iranian Islamic Railways

Jun 1998



• Road and Road Transport Development in India
• Risk Analysis and Management in Infrastructure Projects
• Shipping Development in India and the State
• Multimodal Logistics : India in Global Perspective
• Financing Infrastructure Development in Andhra Pradesh

Dec 1997



• Financing of Transport Infrastructure and Services
• The New Paradigm for Financing Infrastructure Projects and Services
• Infrastructure Financing: Needs and Prospects in the Indian Scenario
• Realignment of State and the Market for Financing of Transport Infrastructure and Services
• Resource Mobilisation Strategies Financing of Transport Infrastructure and Services
• Financing of New High Speed Lines and Trains of SNCF: An Empirical Study
• Mobilisation of Funds for Transport Infrastructure and Services
• Saga of Rail Funding in India
• Reports and Records, Books and Treatises – Extracts and Clippings

May 1997



• Nepal: Economy, National Transport and Inter-country Linkages
• Regulatory Policies and Practices: The Case for Reorientation
• Regulatory Policies for Infrastructural Sectors
• Transport and Regulatory Practices
• Regulatory Practices in India’s Civil Aviation

Oct 1996



• Bhutan: Economy and Transport System
• Energy Perspective for India’s Transport Sector: Quest for Optimum Solutions
• Private Sector in Transport Services and Infrastructure

Mar 1996



• National Transport System of Bangladesh
• Socio-Economic Development: Why Regional Cooperation?
• Indian Shipping Industry: Critical Issues in Global Context
• The Iranian Railways: Linkages Transcend the Frontiers
• World Development Report 1994: Infrastructure for Development - A Resume

Nov 1994